About Us

Get to know our company

Frydenbo Boats Production is a company specializing in the production of laminated boats as well as boats with aluminum hulls. We produce boats under our own brand Sting and of Norwegian brand Nordkapp, which has recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. Both brands are mostly targeted towards the Norwegian market. Frydenbo Boats Production focuses exclusively on introducing new models of boats, updating the current ones as well as producing boats that are designed, promoted and sold in Norway. We also have an established dealership net that spreads across Europe, however our boats can be encountered even further, for example in USA.

Currently we produce approximately 1000 boats annually, and this number is dynamically increasing. Each year said boats are more and more technically advanced and of better quality. We actively monitor and upgrade our technologies and quality standards in an attempt to prevent all potential problems that could arise while using our products on the waters.

Our personnel currently consists of over 200 employees spread across few departments. The core of our production constitutes of laminating and mounting sections that employ most of our workers. We also have a number of smaller, more specialized departments, such as trimming, painting, carpentering and modeling. On top of that, our warehouse, logistics and transportation departments fulfill an essential role in our company. Overseeing all of them is entrusted to our administrative branch and leaders of particular sections. Complimenting each other’s qualifications, we form a highly effective team, making it possible to deliver highly refined products to our Norwegian partners, who in turn pass it onto our demanding customers.

Our core priority is quality and professionalism, which is why innovations in Frydenbo Boats Production are frequent and promptly introduced. Our final goal is achieving a perfectly efficient and optimized process of production. We set the bar high for ourselves, test various approaches, draw conclusions and implement improvements. The majority of our ideas has brought about tangible rewards for the company, employees, as well as our customers.