„Go-kart” on the water - new Sting 600

„Go-kart” on the water - new Sting 600

In September 2017 Mirage Boats has released the first boat of the Sting 600 model.

This modest-sized boat, intended mainly for fish and crab hauling, has been created especially for the very demanding Norwegian market.

After the first tests in Norway, Sting 600 has been titled a "go-kart", having received very positive reviews for its swiftness and maneuverability, as well as easiness of the driving experience.

Members of the Mirage Boats team have already forseen the project's success, while testing the boat on one of the lakes in Augustów.

The production of next boats of the Sting 600 model is planned for November. Meanwhile, we encourage you to read into the general specification of the boat, as well as the photo gallery provided below.

Length: 6,06 m.

Width: 2,32 m.

Crew limit: 6 people.

Weight without engine: 590 kg.

Engine: 75 HP (90-100 HP may be available on this model in the future)

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